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Bfit Classic Marigold

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Bfit classic vaginal chinese balls have been designed to strengthen the pelvic floor comfortably. an ideal accessory for any woman, whether she has had children or not.includes 2 harnesses with 2 balls each. both have a size of 3.5 cm in diameter. you can start training with the ones with the lowest weight, 24 g and then switch to the ones with the heaviest weight, 38g.very comfortable to use and easy to place.they are made of very soft and hypoallergenic material.bfit classic vaginal balls have been designed to strengthen the pelvic floor and improve the sensitivity of women during sexual intercourse.how are they usedvery easy, they are introduced with the help of water-based lubricant, hygiene is very important before and after placement.they are worn while doing daily activities normally.thanks to the inner movement of the balls the contraction of the muscles inside the vagina occurs, helping its strength.if it is the first time it will be used, it is recommended to use them once a week for 5 minutes and then increse gradually the time and amount of days. recomended to use them on the move, for example walking up to maximum 20 minutes daily. avoid sudden movements.in yellow.


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